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Awesome File Recovery - Disk Warrior


2 months ago I was moving files from here to there on a firewire drive... BIG directory of stuff. I had a brain cramp, something happened and without hitting delete, empty trash or anything even remotely like that I LOST 20GB of data. Gone, kaput, 4 solid days of work and I did NOT have time to recover and redo, my project was toast.... TOAST.

After a friend talked me down off the roof he drove me to the local Apple Store, after consulting with the Genious Bar they encouraged me to purchase Disk Warrior...

OH MY GOD, I LOVE the program.

It's so stupid simple, it can be operated with one hand while you hold a razor blade to your own jugular vein. My only complaint is that the instructions should offer more in the way of Suicide Counceling advice.

I booted off the Disk Warrior CD and there was only one button to select. I can't recall but it could have been called, "Click This or Slit Your Throat"

I clicked...

After 30 minutes of disk churning, my data was back. Almost ALL of it. As it turns out I only had to recapture two clips out of hudreds, no THOUSANDS of files.

Disk Warrior is no joke,



Know you are safe.

By the way, 6 weeks later, I needed to fix my system drive to allow me to boot again even though for some reason my system choaked.

That's all I have to say.!!

Chris Fenwick