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Cheap DSL - from the "Why Not File"
August 1, 2003

I live in a condo, high density living, as they say, my building is shaped like a horseshoe and has 22 units. The whole thing is maybe 150 feet long. Not to long ago I was tweaking my wireless reception and noticed there were 5 antennas to choose from. 5 of 22 families were using wireless, assuming of course that no one has 2 wireless transmitters in their house.

Just yesterday, as I parked my car, on the other side of the building I thought I would check to see if I could get my signal from our unit. Well, I didn't get MY signal but there was two more signals available over on THAT side of the building.

So what if.... WHAT IF I changed the name of MY Airport from "Airport" (cleaver huh?) to "CHEAP DSL 555-1234". Of course, I would use MY phone number there.

So think about it, someone moves into the building and they open up their laptop and low and behold they see a signal, it's strong enough to be used but it's password connected, BUT it's got this phone number. WOULD YOU call the number? I would!. Now he gets this guy that is in his building and he offers the deal. Don't bother paying for DSL, just give me $10 a month and every month when you pay me, I'll give you the next months password.

Simple. No contracts, no guarantees, just CHEAP DSL.

Why don't we start a revolution? Why don't we start a trend of people sharing technology and saving a couple of bucks? Why don't we learn our neighbors names for Pete' sake.

What do you think? Would it work?

Chris Fenwick
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