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Rene Renard, myself, and Phil Azzopardi
on the set of the PBS series Computer Chronicles.

Multi-Camera Directing

Directing multi-camera events and shows is really an honor. I have the privilage of having clients that allow me to pick the crews that I work with. It is truly amazing to gather around you people that are insanely talented at their craft. At that point my biggest job is to allow them the time, space, and resources to do what they do best.

The really great part of Directing is that quite often the best people for the job are also really great friends.

Directing in Post

Sometimes the editing process is void of any and all outside input. At those times the job of "Editor" turns into that of "Director". These jobs are a mixed blessing. Yes, I love to get my way, but at the same time, I value others input. It is always fun to see how two people can collaborate.

Foodsaver 1:14

Thank you Katherine Russell for your training on those cooking shows years ago. I used every trick you ever taught me.

QAD - Man On The Street 4:14

We shot this piece on the streets of South Beach Florida... It was so easy it's hard to take any credit for it at all.

Cisco - Monterey 3:02

Very short turn around but a combo of fun activities and corporate messaging.

QAD - Supply Chain Execution 4:01

Just tell me what you like about my software.

Building the Dream 1:37

Multi-level compositing.

Sun: Spy to Spy :39

After Effects 2D Animation.

Palm IPO - 1:16

IPO Celebration tape.

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