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On Location @ Sun - :33 - 2.7MB

Corporate approved fonts, Stock Photography, client supplied footage, fun music, non compressed D1 output.

Palm IPO - 1:16 - 6MB

Integration of original and client supplied content on an extremly short turn around.

SunTone Certified - :34 - 2.7MB

Great content, fun music and a little After Effects help..

Upfront: Sun Microsystems - 1:00 - 2.5MB

Monthly magazine show open. Many, many After Effects layers all synced to music.

John King Demo Reel - 2:00 - 8.7MB

Great footage makes an edit easy. This was a breeze.

Nancy Narimatsu Demo Reel - 1:26 - 6.5MB

This is a bit older and I'm sure Nancy has all kinds of really cool stuff that is much newer then this but I still had fun editing her reel.

Building The Dream - 1:37 - 8MB

Opening sound bite of a longer piece. Multi-layered compositing.

H & Q - :55 - 4MB

"Floaties", Motion Graphics 101. Compilation of supplied and stock photography and floating text.

Intel - :30 - 2.5MB

Client supplied artwork and art direction. "Eye-Candy" element for much larger piece.