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These days with the advent of digital non-linear equipment, editing is a joy.

The technology seems to fall away into the background and we can really concentrate on telling stories.

Juniper Your Future - 1:21

Client supplied Illustrator files and a great sound effects.

Gap - Brand Update - 4:24

Layer Mania... nothing crazy just a LOT of layers in this thing...

Gap - Supply Chain - 4:55

No video... just stills.

Seerveld Media - Lemonade - :59

So that's how you get clients...

Cisco - Biker Party - 2:04

7 hour turn around... crazy.

The Body Shop - Winter 04 - 1:49

Client supplied music and images... "let her rip" see what you can come with.

On Location @ Sun - :33

Blow out effects synced to music.

Oracle: We Are Oracle - :50

Corporate image piece.

Gap: VW Give Away - 1:52

Give away a car, win fans.

John King - 2:00

Beautiful images cut to music.

Building the Dream - 1:37

Multi-level compositing.

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