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Product Idea
October, 2005

He who jpg's it first wins... the iWatch... personal viewing station for the new iPod with video playback capability.

Australian Adventure - December 2002

We've returned from our 3 weeks in Australia. Beth and I had the chance to see modern Australia as well as some of the back roads and the coast of the Southern Ocean to witness a total solar eclipse.

Read about the trip in our extensive journal here.

Apple "iServe" - November 2002

LISTEN UP Apple...

This is what you need to make. A personal home media server. Think of a TiVo, a DVD Player/Burner, iMovie, an MP3 player, an AirPort, and a Print Server all wrapped up in one.

Time shift and archive your favorite TV programs to DVD in DV quality, distribute your Cable Modem signal via AirPort, hook your printer up to it so you never have to teather your iBook or PowerBook. Also play your MP3's thru your home stereo system. And while you're at it, give me a firewire jack so I can add as much hardrive space as I want.


From TV Guide Online - September 2002

8-27-02 "NAPSTER'S LEGACY: CD sales dipped 7 percent during the first half of 2002, costing the music industry $284 million in lost sales. The drop is being blamed on those pesky online music sharing sites."

The record companies are desperate. They will use ANY statistic to try and tell you online music swapping is bad. What this quote fails to mention is that the whole economy is lousy right now and people don't have ANY disposable income to spend on music.

Chris Fenwick
Director/Lead Designer

10-1-02 UPDATE... the truth finally comes out, the music industry IS corrupt and they were worried that Napster would cut into their SCAM.... read up.

PDF files - August 2002

Often times we don't see the future till it's right on top of us. When Adobe started to 'push' PDF files on us a few years back I was FURIOUS. I didn't want to download the info I just wanted to LOOK at it. I was always frustrated when ever I had to download a spec sheet or a manual just to get one question answered.

However, now that I have a the ability to 'print' PDF files from every app on my computer by using OS X, I have really begun to love the PDF format. If for no other reason, I can send you a document and you can't change it. It's great for sending invoices electronically. Maybe we are one step closer to that elusive 'paperless office'.

Chris Fenwick
Director/Lead Designer

.Mac/iTools - July 2002

If you don't know what that means then just ignore it. But if you want my opinions on it then read this.


Chris Fenwick
Director/Lead Designer

Things that matter. - June 2002

I recently have been on a Cameron Crowe binge. Vanilla Sky, Almost Famous, Jerry MacGuire, Say Anything. He talks a lot about 'things that matter'. It is such a simple phrase but so powerful. What are the things that matter to you? Think about that for a bit.

Maybe I'll have to see Fast Times at Ridgemont High soon.

Read this book... - Spring 2002

Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2.

It's awesome. That's all I can really say.

10 - January 2002

10 years as an owner operator. 17 years of broadcast experience and over 2 decades of in various types of media production. Maybe someday I'll figure out what all all the Transfer Modes in Photoshop do.

"SKIP INTRO" - Fall 2001

My two favorite words online. Skip Intro.

You know... Flash is cool and all but it totally changes the metaphor of the Internet, doesn't it? Instead of ME browsing and seeing what I want, now all of a sudden it's YOU cramming stuff at me at YOUR pace.

I don't like that... at least, not online.

That being said, You should have a broadband connection to really appreciate the stuff on this site.

"I Love TV" - Fall 2000

I love the way a group of friends can come together and gather around and get totally sucked into a show.

I love the way the TV screen can make you see your world in a way that you have never seen before.

I've been making TV shows for 15 years.