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Day 1 - Video
This video was edited on Beth's iBook on the flight from Hawaii to Sydney. I had more footage of the Airport in Hawaii but I found out that the 747 to Australia did not have power ports for your laptop and I only had about a half of a charge.

I was ready to upload this when we arrived in Australia but found it very difficult to find a place that would allow us to plug in.

Day 2 - Photo
A new city and a new view.

Day 3 - Photo
Walking and rain and some commentary on Americans Abroad.

Day 4 - Video & Photo - NEW!
A Stalker, a birds eye view and the most beautiful cityscape will probably see on the whole trip.

Day 5 - Video & Photo
Last day in Sydney and the all night train to Brisbane.

Day 6 - Photo
Good Morning Brisbane and petting Roos and Koalas and Metro Centre Community Church.

Day 7 - Photo
Danger! Danger! Danger!

Day 8 - Photo
An easy day.

Day 9 - Photo
Travel to Paradise.

Day 10 - Photo
Thanksgiving Day.

Day 11 - Photo
Driving and Kayaking in Paradise.

Day 12 - Photo
Great Barrier Reef on Beth's Birthday.

Day 13 - Photo
Hangin' with the Locals.

Day 14 - Photo
Travel to Adelaide.

Day 15 - Photo
Driving through the Outback.

Day 16 - Photo
Ecllipse Day in Ceduna.

Day 17 - Photo
The end of our journey.

Day 18A - Photo
The long flight to Hawaii.

Day 18B - Photo
Hawaii to home and some final thoughts.