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Day 2 - A New City and a New View
Wednesday November 20

(You may notice there is no Tuesday November 19, if you can explain it to ME you get a gold star.)

We met Robin and Paul in the airport in Hawaii, they were trying to find the same gate we were and since we had a 4 hour layover we ended up sitting around in a food court and visiting. Paul is a contractor in Long Beach and Robin, his wife, is Australian and a Nanny in the LA area as well.

We landed in Sydney at about 8AM Wednesday Morning. The best way to figure out where we are in relations to California is that we are 19 hours in the future. So 8AM Wednesday in Sydney is 1PM Tuesday in California.

We took a train to our Hotel in Downtown Sydney. We couldn't get into our room, so we camped out in the restaurant and had a big breakfast and relaxed a bit. We struggled to stay up all day so that we could get the best chance of forcing ourself to get onto local time.

We finished the day with the Sydney Harbor Bridge Walk. IT was awesome! Just awesome. I could not get over how cool it was. I want to take my Dad on this someday.

Day 2

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