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Day 11 - Driving and Kayaking in Paradise
Friday November 29

Friday we woke up and decided to have brunch by our pool. Once again we were surprised by some of the wild life that just happens to be around the region. These little guys flew out of the trees to reach their heads down into our orange juice glasses.

Then we headed off to rent a "buggy" as they call them, (golf cart to you and me). We thought it would be a good way to see more of the island, and to practice driving on the WRONG side of the road.

As you can see, I was less than comfortable with it.

We drove to a place called One Tree Hill. We couldn't find the 'one tree' but we enjoyed a look down on the resort we are staying at. You can kind of see it in the palm trees by the beach below.

We had planned on doing a whole Kayak tour thing but when it was too full we ended up just renting a surfski for an hour at our beach. It was a good thing to because neither one of us had the endurance to keep it up too long. I don't think we would have really done to well on the 3 hour organized tour.

This night we headed down to the Marina for a look at the sunset and dinner.

We ran into our friend Graham from the first day we were here. He and Byron were finishing up a long day working on getting Graham's boat ready for a big Sunday cruise.

True to form, I ended up talking with some strangers. We never got their names but interestingly enough they were from Santa Barbara, I offered to take their picture and send it to them so I 'recited' my eMail address into their video camera. I hope they contact us because I think the image came out nice. We'll see if we ever hear from them.

Another perfect sunset in paradise, life is rough on Hamilton Island.

Day 11

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