The History of My Family

There is nothing like the death of someone you love that rocks your world and makes you think about your life. My dad died on May 14, 2006, Mother's Day. When it happened there were a few immediate disappointments that hit me. The proverbial "I wish I would have" type things. The main thing was to pick my dads brain about all the earliest history I could.

So I've turned into a bit of a detective, or some may say a historian, for family matters. So far this web page is a random collection of my findings and observations. Eventually I will orgainize them into some order.

Tom Fenwick - Memorial Page

Three Stories about Dad
Mom let Chris speak at Dads memorial service.

Growing Old - Remembering Love - Terry Fenwick
Mom tells about deciding to marry Dad.

Jon & Chris Fenwick - Hands

Family Photos - 1930 - 1950

The Flood - 1969
Dad's photo picks of a major family event.

The Flood - Additional Photos
More photos of the flood.

2281 Feather Hill Road - 2003
Chris and Beth visit the Montecito home.

Christmas Thoughts - 1999
Mom reflects on Christmas 1999.

Jack's Wreath - 1998
Mom tells about cherishing childrens arts and craft projects.

Automatic Door Systems 30 Years - 2001
Chris speaks about Dad as a leader.

Fenwick & Co. - 1800's
Earliest Fenwick History.

Dad Reading at the Cathedral - 2005
A short video of Dad.

Life Goes On - Mom becomes a Great Grandmother

Dad's Library - 1964
An old letter from Dad to Mom.

Listen to your Old Photos - Talking Business with Dad
One of the things I miss most about Dad.

Fathers Day from Europe - 2005
Chris' message to Dad from Europe.

Iron Beds and Memories - 2004
Mom remembers being a little girl in Fithian Illinois.

Charlie and the Nun - 2006
Mom talks about Charlie.

My dream about Dad - 2006
Chris tells about a dream he recently had about Dad.

The Little Spiral Notebook - 2006
Dad spent a lot of time teaching us the value of a buck.

Raising Boys - 2006
A lot of change in the Fenwick family happened in the 1960's.

Home Tour - 1966
Our home was featured in the local news paper in 1966.

Honesty in the Archives - 2006
Newspaper clippings about a talk Dad did in 1966.

When Does Honesty Start and End in Business - 1966
Note cards from Dads talk from 1966.

Navy and College Years - 1944 - 1950
A brief look at Dads Navy and College Years.

Great Photos
Just some photos I really liked.

Vacation in the Desert
1969 was hard with the Flood but my parents still wanted us to rest a little.

Tim and the Ukulele
1968 photos of Tim, not processed until after the flood.

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